Governor Michael S. Dukakis

Michael S. Dukakis
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Department
State House
Boston 02133

April 6, 1988

Thank you for writing to me. Kitty and I wish your tapes had been available when our kids were little – a personalized tape to help them sleep is a really great idea.

I’m always delighted to hear of American entrepreneurship. Here in Massachusetts we have a state supported program to provide “incubators” which provide housing, utilities and other basic needs to fledgling businesses at very low cost until they are able to fly on their own. I feel that this is the type of investment in people and in communities that speaks to the basic American spirit of enterprise and ingenuity. It is the type of investment that pays off.

I’m glad you’re experiencing such a positive response to your tapes, and I hope that you’ll continue to keep me informed of your progress. Thanks for taking the time to write – and thanks for the personalized lullaby.

Michael S. Dukakis