Activities of the Day

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Activities of the Day

The Activities CD is a six song series collectively 22 minutes in length.

  1. Song 1, “G-G-G-Get Up” is an energetic number depicting waking up to start the day.
  2. Song 2, “Hygiene Hop” is a spirited song about grooming and teeth brushing and cleanliness.
  3. Song 3, “The Exercise Song” encourages the importance of exercise with a fun follow the leader section.
  4. Song 4, “Sharing” is a sweetly compelling song emphasizing the value of sharing in general.
  5. Song 5, “Take a Bath” is a zany, comedic number addressing and urging bath time and cleanliness.
  6. Song 6, “Bedtime Nocturne” is a lullaby to represent bedtime with the anticipation of the next day’s fun.

All the songs are connected by short transitional dialogue as are all of my children’s music suites.

Listening to the entire set from the beginning is a cohesive musical journey, in a sense, “hosted” by me, the singer and voice character, but each song is indexed in the CD so they can be enjoyed independently.

This is a fun energetic CD with your child’s name sung and spoken 60 times.


Thank You!
Dave Roppolo


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1 review for Activities of the Day

  1. Brenna

    I had this growing up, and my family and I absolutely loved them. The tape ran down, so I’m glad this is still available for keepsake purposes. Favourite song – “Wake up, Brenna!”

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