Mother Nature’s Lullabies

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Mother Nature’s Lullabies

Mother Nature’s Lullaby is a 3 song series collectively 20 minutes and 22 seconds long that incorporates soothing sounds of nature as a part of the musical composition. The lyrics bring attention to nature’s sounds of crickets, nightingale’s, frogs and ducklings, soft breeze, soft distant thunder and rain, soft lapping of waves on the shoreline, dolphins and the soft cries of seagulls at play. There is a subtle emphasis on appreciating these elements and tender creatures of our natural world with reverence and without fear, a perspective I myself hold so dear.

Each of the songs flow seamlessly into the next creating a single listening experience although each song is separately indexed and can be enjoyed individually as are all of my personalized suites.

The music and setting is very relaxed and soothing, with a somewhat light classical sound with sophisticated musical values and soft singing, and will create a wonderful sleep-time mood.

Your child’s name is featured many times, spoken and sung in the lyrics.

  1. Song 1 “Mother Nature’s Bedtime Rhapsody”
  2. Song 2 “Gift of the Rain”
  3. Song 3 “Voice of the Ocean”

Please Enjoy one of my favorite suites!!

Thank You!
Dave Roppolo


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1 review for Mother Nature’s Lullabies

  1. Holly Fort (verified owner)

    Your voice is amazing! You have such emotional connection when you sing and speak. I purchased both the Mother nature’s Lullabies and Sweet Dreams Lullabies for my grandchildren. They LOVE both. It makes them feel special and alive and real to hear their own names being sung to them. My grand daughter’s only question was “Grandma – how did he KNOW I am afraid of thunderstorms??!!” But the end of the song (played 3 times in a row) she told me she now can’t wait for the next storm to come through because now she understands it is ok and the animals need it!. Thank you thank you! Lovely, wonderful music and lyrics put to a familiar and beautiful voice. Brilliant!

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