The Children’s College of Nutritional Knowledge

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The Children’s College of Nutritional Knowledge

This Suite of 7 songs runs 22 minutes and 37 seconds in length.

It is really “character driven”, even the main host. “Dean Bean McNoodle” does most of the singing and talking. The setting is a graduation ceremony from the “Children’s College of Nutritional Knowledge” with music and guest speakers all conducted by the Dean who gives a fun “quiz” of sorts concerning the basic food groups. The music at the ceremony is provided by a 4- piece band called “The Better Body Band”.

The members of the band are:

  • Pro T – on piano representing protein.
  • Greta Carbo – on drums representing carbohydrate foods.
  • Minerva – on flute representing minerals.
  • Vito – on trumpet representing vitamins.

There is a song about the importance of water and a story about “Cotter the Otter” who depends on clean water. A song addressing fatty foods and a song about the problems with junk food and sugar called “The Junk Food Mood”. The series closes with the actual graduation ceremony with a “Pomp and Circumstance” type of march theme where “Dean Bean McNoodle” sums up the value of good nutrition and advises to “Eat Right”.

The songs are fun, energetic, comical and uplifting, and quite educational overall. They, like all of my personalized children’s music suites, flow one song into another yet are indexed separately to allow for individual listening access.

Your Child’s name is spoken and sung numerous times throughout the program.

Enjoy! It will make you smile!

Thank You!
Dave Roppolo


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1 review for The Children’s College of Nutritional Knowledge

  1. Trae (verified owner)

    My kids & I love this CD! Its fun to listen to during the day.

    • admin

      Thank You!

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