Sweet Dreams Lullaby

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Sweet Dreams Lullaby

I’m very, very proud of this project. It is a Lullaby that parents will find near to their heart.

The scenario is a father “played” (sung) by me, who first describes his feelings about being a new dad in song # 1 “You’re Name is Music”. Then in song #2 “Peek-a-Boo” urges the child that it is bedtime but negotiates with a game of peek-a-boo. In song #3, “Teddy and Me”, he tells a bedtime story about his own Teddy Bear when he was a child. In song #4 called “Sleep” he actually sings a sweet lullaby and the child sleeps. In song #5 “The Face I Love”, He, in the wee hours of the morning, just can’t resist waking up to look in on his child who lays peacefully asleep. He looks down on, then touches, then finally kisses his child’s face as he ponders the future and what joy it will bring. In the final song #6, “Sweet Dreams”, He more generally sings about the future and fatherhood with a soft “goodnight” and whispering his child’s name one more time as the last song fades away quietly.

As in all of my children’s suites each song gives way to the next in a continuous format but each song is indexed separately for selective listening. In addition, all of my lullaby suites are written and orchestrated to be subtle music experiences that facilitate sleep.

Even though the lyrics and content is more sophisticated than one might expect, the visceral effect on even a newborn child is soothing.

Your child’s name is sung and spoken numerous times throughout the program.

Sweet Dreams!
Dave Roppolo


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5 reviews for Sweet Dreams Lullaby

  1. Kim

    I bought this for my goddaughter when she was just a few months old. Upon receiving it, I fell totally in love with the songs, and sang many of them to her myself. The CD ended up living at my house, and was always our special treat when she and I were together, which was often.

    Fast-forward over a decade, and I still listen to it from time to time, as it brings back such sweet memories of when she was small. I wish I’d gotten Dave’s other lullaby suites for her back then, as I have no doubt they would have been just as beautiful and meaningful. The best part of this little story, though, is that she still remembers the snuggles and happy times that CD always helped us to evoke. A treasure of an album, indeed!

    Thanks and very best wishes from a very grateful godmother. Sweet Dreams made so many sweet memories for me!

  2. Mary Maine-Roberts (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this CD, this man is quite an artist!
    My 32 yr old daughter had her first child 4-2022, and she talked so very much about her HUGGIES lullaby tapes that I did some sleuthing and discovered that this artist had made her original HUGGIES tapes!

    These “newer” personalized lullabies are PERFECT, and Eli is now almost 6 mos and he seems to enjoy them as well!
    Thank you Mr Dave–and for those reading this review, if you order, you will be thrilled!

  3. Dawn/Grace (verified owner)

    I am so happy! The songs are so sweet I almost started crying when I played the first song. Thank you so much, Dave! It Means so much to me that my daughter can listen the same amazing voice sing her songs that I listened to when I was her age. I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Susan Nordstrom

    the happiest times of my daughter’s childhood are listening to the audio tapes that I got using my Huggies Pampers points. I just found the site and it brought me to tears. each and every one of my nieces and nephews has had their own version of the sweet dreams song sung to them by me. I’m extremely excited to finally find a replacement CD for my daughter who is now 34 years old. her first cassette came when she was two. thank you so much for all you’ve done and God bless you

  5. Cris Ramos

    Great songs customized for our child just like my parents did for us so long ago. Highly recommend. I plan on buying more for my brother’s child.

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